Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ok, Big Change

So I decided to completely change my idea (and with a week left in concept, oh boy!) I've got the story down for sure and all that's left are turnarounds, storyboards and still frames from the short. And I'll keep the background inspirations cuz I'd like to incorporate them with this new short.

Here's some of the new characters:

So the basic run down of the story is that a bored kid (in the top pic) makes a man made out of spaghetti (also in top pic) come alive. The kid wants to show off his creation, and the waiter (2nd pic) mistakes it for an entree. And so the kid saves the spaghetti man by creating a spaghetti monster (top pic once more) that scares off the entire restaurant.

I'll post up the story beats shortly!

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