Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Story Boards!

Alright, sooo, I have over 100 storyboards and pictures are a pain to add on a blog especially if you want them in a specific sequence. So I have uploaded them to my photobucket account. Just a note: they're ordered backwards for some stupid reason and the scanner bleached some of my linework too... Click here to see them!

And let me know if any of the storyboards aren't reading (like poses, expressions, backgrounds -the very few actually shown-), especially since there will be no dialogue in the short.

The storyboards may feel drawn out (lol pun) but we had to draw out all the key poses of the characters. just wait til i make the animatic!


  1. How is it going??? Don't hear much from you - busy?

  2. I love the part when he runs into the door and he falls down. Another part I like is the fencing scene with the spahetti man using his fork to defend himself. Great sound effects.